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Updated: May 5, 2020

We are…..

We are stewards for our oceans, mother earth, our animal kingdom, and believe all beings should be wild and free

We are rebels, freedom seekers, heart speakers, artists, story tellers and fearless dreamers

We are graceful, sophisticated, powerful yet gentle, soulful, ambitious lovers of life

We love travel, adventure, nature, forests, jungle, mountains, exotic beaches, clean air, clean water and clean food

We laugh, play, run, jump, surf, kite, ski and cherish time spent with good people around a campfire.

We love tree houses and teepees

We don't fit inside your box…. We don't want to….We know we were born to stand out

We believe in magic. Our own magic and the magic in the elements of nature and the cosmos

We are where the wild things are

We are Salt Society

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