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Hair Care

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

If you live near the beach and are constantly in the ocean you know how hard the sea water can be on your locks. Here are 5 ways to help keep your hair happy and healthy.

1……Rinse it with fresh water- Before you go take the plunge into the deep blue, rinse your hair with fresh water. The clean water will saturate your strands prevents the harsh salt water from seeping in.

2……Stop washing it- Yes, your locks will be greasy the first time you do this. See if you can go 10 days to 2 weeks. It won’t be hard. Wear a trucker hat, toss it up in a bun, get some dry shampoo. figure it out. When you use shampoo your body over compensates for the dryness by producing more oil for your scalp. Your body will soon realize you are not drying it out with harsh shampoos and will eventually not produce as much oil any more. Results….softer healthier hair that is easier to brush and manage.

3……Use dry shampoo- this will soak up the oil in your scalp and make your locks look dry. The bonus is your hair will have volume from not stripping out the oils but will look fresh and clean!

4……Use oil- Oil the strands just south of your roots. Keep your hair moisturized and lock in that moisture with your oil of choice. It keeps the frizz down and tangles to a minimum. Moroccan oil has always been a favorite. It’s not too heavy and smells amazing.

5……Condition it. Just because you are no longer shampooing does not mean that you tossed out conditioning. Rinse your hair regularly, especially after being in the ocean, and condition it. Your hair will be silkier, smoother, easier to brush and will smell incredible! Trust me on this one. I have more compliments on how my hair looks and smells now that I wash it every two weeks than I ever did washing it every day.

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